Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

Appendix I: Backgrounds of the Authors of this Complaint

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Appendix I: Backgrounds of the Authors of this Complaint


Lead Authors


Nathan Rive

PhD researcher at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London and research fellow at Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo (CICERO), Norway. He has a background in physics (BSc) and energy policy (MSc).

Rive co-runs a weblog called In the Green ( and was possibly the first person to write a refutation of the Channel 4 programme, which he posted on March 9, 2007 (

Mr Rive has written a joint memo with Dr. Eigil Friis-Christensen regarding the use of one of the solar-climate graphs in the programme. They stated that they had reason to believe that the graph included artificial data, and that the associated narration incorrectly ruled out anthropogenic greenhouse warming (see Comment 60, page 55). The full statement is available online (, and the story was subsequently covered in The Independent (


Dr Brian Jackson

[Note: Sadly, Brian died in August 2007. He had his whole life before him, having just accepted his first lectureship, at Nottingham University. He will be greatly missed. Brian put an extraordinary amount of work into this complaint, both in terms of writing sections of it, and reviewing and editing what others had written. He showed a tremendous attention to detail, and great forensic ability in tracking down links to web pages that contained supporting evidence for the points we were making; and his primary concern throughout was to ensure that nothing slipped through that was not indisputably accurate.]

A theoretical physicist and postdoctoral research fellow, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Newcastle. PhD & BSc: Physics, University of Durham, see His interest in climate science is purely as an amateur, although he has studied the subject extensively in his spare time.


Dave Rado

A concerned layman who objects to the amount of distortion of science that occurs in the press. Has a sound laymans understanding of the science behind climate change, and has the ability to communicate complex scientific ideas to other laymen. Mr Rado project-managed the compiling of this document and acted as editor.


Other Contributing Authors


Dr Robert Marsh

Research Scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton and IPCC Contributing Author. Research interests include ocean global ocean modelling, earth systems modelling and palaeoclimate modelling. See and

Dr Marsh has co-written (with the lead authors) those sections of this complaint that relate to IPCC Working Group I and to oceanography.


Professor Alistair Woodward

Head of the School of Population Health, Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland. Lead Author for the 3rd and 4th Assessment Reports of IPCC Working Group II. Areas of expertise include epidemiology, environmental health, the social determinants of health, and the effects of tobacco.

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