Complaint to Ofcom Regarding The Great Global Warming Swindle

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[Prof Richard Lindzen]

Prior to Bush the elder, I think the level of funding for climate and climate-related sciences was somewhere around the order of 170 million dollars a year, which was reasonable for the size of the field. It jumped to 2 billion a year – more than a factor of 10 – and, yeah that changed a lot. A lot of jobs, it brought a lot of new people into it who otherwise were not interested; so you developed whole cadres of people whose only interest in the field was that there was global warming.

[Comment 83: Richard Lindzens implied suggestion that it is in climate scientists interest in terms of preserving their jobs to hype up man-made global warming has been fully rebutted by one of his own colleagues, at

Regarding Lindzens highly inaccurate and misleading statement about funding, see Comment 116, page 97.

Finally there is no evidence that there are any climatologists whose only interest in climatology is global warming, and it is not credible that scientists would enter a highly complex and extremely intellectually demanding profession unless they have a passionate and genuine curiosity about the science that they are studying. As a scientist himself, Lindzen must be fully aware of this, and his assertion to the contrary was again a clear attempt to deceive those members of the public who arent aware of how science actually works.]

(In breach of Ofcom 5.12, 7.11)

[Comment 84: In addition, at this point, given that funding is being discussed, it should have been made clear by the narrator that Richard Lindzen works for five organisations that are funded by ExxonMobile – see also Appendix C.17, page 141.]

(In breach of Ofcom 5.8)

[Nigel Calder]

If I wanted to do research on, shall we say, the squirrels of Sussex, what I would do – and this is any time from 1990 onwards – I would write my grant application saying: I want to investigate the nut-gathering behaviour of squirrels with special reference to the effects of global warming – and that way I get my money. If I forget to mention global warming, I might not get the money.

[Dr Frederick Singer]

Theres really no question in my mind that the large amounts of money that have been fed into this particular, rather small area of science have distorted the overall scientific effort.

[Comment 85: Again, given that funding is being discussed, it should have been made clear at this point that Frederick Singer has worked for fourteen ExxonMobile-funded lobby groups – see Appendix C.10, page 135.]

(In breach of Ofcom 5.8)

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